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Last Updated on October 14, 2019 Music Bio Profile ImageMusic has always been my one great love. I served the Church and the Church Choir, as well as the Sunday school with my music from the age of ten until I was nineteen.

I then went on to play with a few local bands, the last one being the pop group Breeze – with whom I also did a stint on the nightclub scene.

Being in the Church music group and the church choir, gave me the opportunity to play and sing at gospel music evenings, weddings, and parties.

As things had it, I ended up being a Professional Heavy and Extra Heavy Vehicle Driver Trainer. Incidentally, I have written and published eight K53 Practical Guides for learner drivers. Click Here for One of My K53 Practical Guides.

Anyway, after more than 30 years at it, I decided enough is enough, from now on I’ll prioritize my heart’s desire and “twang my thang”!

Currently, I produce and record my own music, and I am also working on some Christian books.

Thus far, by the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ, I have released the following singles:

  • Crumbs from the Master’s Table

For the chord progression of ‘Crumbs from the Master’s Table, I made extensive use of the suspended 4th chord and the 5th (Power) Chord as well as the diminished 4th chord.

  • Fiery Furnace

The chord progression for ‘Fiery Furnace’ is a blend of minor ninths, major ninths, major seventh, diminished, 13th, and 11th chords – with the guitar solo including a 2 chord groove and some popular riffs, as well as a set of triplets.

  • What a Friend We Have in Jesus

My semi-instrumental arrangement of ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ was initially intended and recorded as an instrumental. In fact, it was my favourite tune for practising the Pentatonic.

For this arrangement, I introduced the minor 7th, the 9th, and the diminished chords to the original chord progression. Later, I added the falsetto vocals. The final arrangement resulted in a song with a dissonance that evokes positive tension and nostalgia. I think the arrangement is quite captivating, as I regularly get positive feedback from all over the world! (My special thanks to you all for your kind and positive comments.)

  • Light To My Feet

For this song, I just picked up the guitar and started humming and strumming. It took me a while though to get the arrangement right.

I am still working on an album which I hope to release soon.

I appreciate and enjoy all music genres, including rap, and I am a fan of just about every music artist. I simply love to watch others sing and make music and the voices of a large choir are simply heaven to my ears!

Presently, I use a Paul Reed Smith: SE Custom Semi-hollow and an Ibanez Artcore Gold Top Semi-solid – I just completed a full refret on the Ibanez. (See pics)

Whereas the Ibanez Artcore has a glued-in centre block, the PRS is canoe carved with the mount for the bridge and the pickups being an integral part of the body. 

I send my guitars through a Vox valve amp. The PRS and the Vox is a bit of a wild combination, seeing as the PRS SE Custom Semi-hollow is fitted with a pair of overdrive humbuckers. - music bio - PRS SE Custom Semi Hollow
My PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow

Nevertheless, the Vox and the PRS are a very versatile match-up, and provides me with a unique crunchy and ‘tear-drop’ tone – which I simply love! Ibanez always managed to produce stable pickups for their guitars. 

The PRS is usually fitted with ten gauge strings, but sometimes I will fit it with a set of nine gauge. For the rhythm guitar on Crumbs from the Masters Table, I used nine gauge on the Ibanez with overdrive to produce an exploding sound which I simply love. Otherwise, I usually use ten gauge strings on the Ibanez.

Initially, I mostly played the Acoustic Guitar. I also used to play the banjo and the piano accordion, as well as the autoharp in church. I also play the recorder, which I used to improve my sight reading. I really like the recorder. Even so, the guitar is an inseparable part of my life.

Our local classical guitar maestro, Steve Newman, of Tananas fame, introduced me to the classical guitar – which I also studied some. Steve was also the first guitar instructor I studied with whom introduced me to chord construction. I find the study of chord construction more interesting than the study of scales and modes.

Even though I love the classical guitar, electric semi-solid is my favourite instrument. At one time I had Sunburst Ibanez Artist Les Paul Copy. I truly loved it, but I grew tired of its heavy weight.

I consider my musical style as contemporary with a blend of Rock and Jazz. The lyrics to my own compositions are mostly based on Scripture.  As I am a guitarist first and foremost, you will find a lot of guitar overtones in my songs.

Experience My Music.

  1. Cup of Prayer_Sample Brian Visagie 1:48
  2. Light To My Feet Brian Visagie 3:52
  3. What a Friend we have in Jesus Brian Visaige 3:52
  4. Fiery Furnace Brian Visagie 4:39
  5. Fire of Love (Web Version) Brian Visagie 2:00
  6. Crumbs from the Master's Table Brian Visagie 4:16
  7. Shine Brian Visagie 3:53
  8. I Know my Heavenly Father Knows 4:10

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